Meet Kelly

Kelly Eckerle, sourdough star and founder of Wildflour, originally hails from Jasper, Indiana. After spending more than a decade living in various places she decided to take the leap and relocate back to Jasper, where she then started Wildflour. “I love the sense of community. Folks take pride in and support one another in big ways. It’s not something I’ve experienced anywhere else.” states Kelly.

Sourdough is truly her passion. As soon as her first starter successfully fermented she was hooked. She loves being able to create amazing loaves out of just flour and water.

Asked about her favorite cooking tool, she gives a clear straight answer. “My hands. The best way to make good sourdough is to mix and knead by hand.”

When not busy in the bakery, Kelly spends time organic gardening and sharing time with her equally creative craft-making companion, Christopher Dixon (Insta:@CHRSDXNWRKS) and beloved pups Waffles-Kyle, Huckleberry, and Beauregard. A true lover of all animals, Kelly enjoys sharing her story of one time impulsively buying five ducklings. Be sure to ask her about it sometime!