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Fandom Sports Media Corporation debuts new eSports betting platform

Canadian eSports and sports wagering products and technologies provider Fandom Sports Media Corporation has announced the launch of its new peer-to-peer betting platform.

The Vancouver-headquartered innovator used an official Wednesday press release to state that the fresh advance is now ‘ready for revenue generation’ after being premiered complete with Neteller and Skrill functionality. The company also added that aficionados can utilize its latest development to wager against others on the outcome of a plethora of eSports competitions with more traditional sports as well as a range of other iGaming offerings set to be added over the course of the next few months.

Seminal slant:

David Vinokurov serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Fandom Sports Media Corporation and he used the press release to assert that the innovation represents the first time his company has taken a ‘modular approach to building out a holistic wagering and prediction platform.’ The entrepreneur moreover declared that he is ‘super excited’ to have been able to add the Neteller and Skrill payment methods with his firm now intending to transition to ‘an operating and revenue-generation trajectory.’

Read a statement from Vinokurov…

“Given that the platform as of launch has been purpose-built from scratch since the autumn of 2020, I am pleased with the corporate progress and development road map to date. Furthermore, with the steady flow of product roll-outs and additional potential partnerships on the horizon, I’m confident that 2022 will be a transformational year for value creation and an even more fruitful one than this past year.”

Coming complement:

Fandom Sports Media Corporation furthermore disclosed that a new all-ages prediction and fan engagement service will serve as the ‘primary tool for audience aggregation to the overall platform’ and is to soon be joined by ‘a detailed marketing and user activation roadmap’ involving mobile-friendly

Scaling success:

Vinokurov explained that the debut of comes after Fandom Sports Media Corporation made a number of positive steps last year including inking letters of intent with iGaming technology pioneers with Funjoy Company Limited and Gamer Wager Limited before entering into a marketing partnership with YaLLa Esports. He finished by proclaiming that his firm has now entered 2022 holding ‘a strong cash position’ as well as a range of prospects that ‘will begin weaving together to amplify and expand our presence both in the global wagering and rapidly expanding fan engagement vertical.’

Vinokurov’s statement read…

“I’d like to congratulate and thank our entire team for the hard work and dedication to date and we all look forward to realizing our vision for for the coming year.”

Fandom Sports Media Corporation debuts new eSports betting platform