We Bake Bread

This is our specialty, baking bread for your home and family, from our home and family.

For traditional sourdough, our only ingredients are flour, water, and salt. 

We use flour from Weisenberger Mill in Kentucky (Unbleached, regionally sourced), and the salt is Maldon flaky sea salt. 
Then, all you need is an active, happy starter! Ours is very active and happy, producing beautiful bread time and time again. 
When we’re ready for bread, we mix a levain (small amount of starter mixed with more flour and water).  Once the levain passes the float test it’s fermented enough. 
We mix our ingredients into dough and allow it to go through the bulk fermentation. This takes 3-4 hours. While it’s fermenting we do a series of gentle folds about every 30 minutes.  Once the dough passes the float test, it’s ready to shape loaves.  
Loaves are formed into a banneton and placed in the fridge, proofing overnight before baking.
The next day we bake the loaves in cast iron pots at 500 degrees. BAM! Bread!!!